Parveen Bains
ESL Teacher/ Adult ESL Teacher/Online ESL Trainer/Spoken Presentation Coach

Native language: English Canadian
Other Languages: Punjabi Hindi very little French
Currently living in: Canada
Skype name: parveen.bains1

  Let me tell you about myself.

* Will graduate with a Masters in TESOL from Trinity Western University in 2010.
* I have a BA of Arts (Psychology)
* Worked as a Language Assistant with Francophone young adults and adult students in Quebec at the college level.
* I feel I can understand the process of learning a second language because I am also an ESL student from when I was child, I can understand what the students really need.
* I can help learners attain success and confidence in the goals they have set out for themselves.

Available for employment.

  • Full-time, Part-time, Contract
  • Location: Canada, UK, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Singapore, India
  • ESL Job Interests: My focus in the ESL field and my interests are to work with young ESL adults, ESL adults, business groups or one on one.
Please contact me for more information.